Femlogix Entreprises mission is to Inspire and support women Interested in Entrepreneurship through collaborative , Innovative  and Empowering Network.

Femlogix Enterprises is   formed by a group of ambitious  Team  to inspire and empower women interested in entrepreneurship. Coming from different backgrounds, we want to share how entrepreneurship is not exclusive to a single major, gender, or race. Instead, it means integrating talents of those with diverse interests in order to take risks and develop a business venture. The team we have created stands behind supporting women and innovation. We are transparent in our discussions and ideas because we want to lead the conversation in how women can gain momentum in the entrepreneurship world. We want to change the way the professional world views women, especially the youth that are the pioneers, inventors, and leaders of our future.


Femlogix Enterprises goal is to enhance the knowledge and provide the opportunities for women to develop their entrepreneurial skills. We will host speakers, panel discussions, small group talks, and networking opportunities for women to increase their professional capacity and develop a support system. We will provide cross disciplinary perspectives for collaboration to take flight. Women  Entrepreneur strives to become a model for other States  and a resource for all women entrepreneurs. We are forming self Help Group SHG in various Panchayath , Municipality, Corporation from Grass root especially with the weaker section of the community women . Motivating the  Women Farmers  to cultivate more land  and buying from them home grown natural raw materials by giving them a proper margin .By giving  Value addition   we are brining out the final Product to empower more women by making them Financially Independent .


  • Support
  • Fearlessness
  • Sustainability
  • Celebration
  • Respect
  • Inclusivity
  • Financial Stability
  • Natural Products
  • Home Grown


A World where every women Business Owner have the opportunity and w ability to take their business Globally where ever they may be located by the End of 2030 .

Together Towards Tomorrow